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Hospital Management - Weimann 4 Performance

Professor Dr Edda Weimann

hospital management Edda Weimann

Edda Weimann consults hospitals with an emphasis on the development of competitive strategies, concept development and leadership. She chairs conferences and workshops and her international and broad expertise is acknowledged as a keynote speaker for the strategic development of hospitals.

Amongst Edda Weimann's list of achievements and qualifications are:

  • Professor of Paediatrics
  • Studies of Human Medicine at the Universities of Cologne (D), Innsbruck (A) and Munich (D)
  • Lecturing, teaching and research at Universities and National Research Institutes in Frankfurt (D), Paris (F), Göttingen (D), Cape Town (SA), Zürich (CH) and Bern (CH)
  • Long-standing Head of Hospitals in Germany and Switzerland
  • Research and media awards
  • Various publications in peer-reviewed journals and textbooks
  • Scientific journalist for different media (newspaper, journals, broadcasting and television)
  • International experience and qualification in Health Systems, Health Management und Health Economics

Professor Dr Peter Weimann

project management Peter Weimann

Peter Weimann's main emphasis lies in the field of business engineering, change management, management of project teams, the development and introduction of new systems.

Amongst Peter Weimann's list of achievements and qualifications are:

  • Professor of Information Systems
  • Lecturing and research at various private and public Universities: Cape Town (SA), Aalen (D), Ravensburg (D), Bad Waldsee (D), Marburg (D) and Berlin (D)
  • Experience as project manager, head of branch offices and senior consultant for the private industry and Federal Ministries (Munich, Bonn, Berlin, Frankfurt)
  • Published his expertise and research in various peer reviewed articles and textbooks

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