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Hospital Management - Weimann 4 Performance


High Performance in Hospital Management

hospital management publication

10 Steps towards success

  1. Involve your subordinates, patients and referring doctors.
  2. Create a corporate identity to differentiate yourself against concurring hospitals.
  3. Develop a vision and set your priorities.
  4. Face your competitors.
  5. Create an open-minded communication within your organisation, personal appraisal and behaviourial value.
  6. Create a positive attitude towards changes.
  7. Develop together with your subordinates a strategy for your organization and communicate the relevant key figures on a regular basis.
  8. Engage only the best co-workers and subordinates that are available, give them the freedom and possibilities to develop their skills and find the right working environment for them.
  9. Manage your conflicts professionally.
  10. Be a reliable partner.


Without any doubt this book fulfils even ambitious expectations. It therefore serves as a compulsory reading to succeed in the state of the art hospital management and get fit for future demands.

Prof. Dr. Felix Sennhauser, Director of the Children's Hospital, University of Zurich

Regarding strategical positioning, quality management, process optimization, performance management, change management, communication, conflict management and skill management...hospitals should learn from the experience of other organizations.

Prof. Dr. Robert Winter, University St. Gallen, Director of the Institute of Information Management

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