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Hospital Management - Weimann 4 Performance


Prof. Dr. Edda Weimann

health care management - Edda Weimann
  • Edda Weimann is a great chance for hospitals to get onto a new track. She is creating value for everybody.
  • It is always a pure pleasure and enrichment to persue and perform projects under the guidance of Edda Weimann.
  • Professor Weimann has the ability to illustrate complex facts clear and understandable. She finds the right communication level depending on the audience.
  • I feel deeply touched by her constant support and confidence. I owe her a lot. I will always appreciate this tremendously.
  • Prof Edda Weimann is very sympathetic. She has an optimistic, authentic and strong personality.
  • Even in hectic situation Professor Weimann stays calm and very constructive.
  • To get the opportunity to work together with Prof. Weimann is the best what can happen to you.
  • The exchange with Professor Weimann is always delightful, creative and forward looking.
  • Professor Weimann convinces the audience through competent, confident and charismatic performance.

Prof. Dr. Peter Weimann

project management - Peter Weimann
  • Prof Peter Weimann does not only provide theoretical knowledge. His concepts are based on a profound expertise and are practically applicable.
  • In his seminars and lectures his long standing expertise, knowledge and experience becomes very evident.
  • Prof Peter Weimann spreads his enthusiasm onto his audience. It is always exciting to listen to him.
  • His lectures have a clear message. He addresses the groups as the individual.
  • Peter Weimann is one of the most dynamic thinkers in the field of Information Systems. He has an outstanding expertise regarding project management and organizational development in business engineering processes. His optimism and his approach to problem solving makes him one of the best professionals one can work with.

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